Why Your Yahoo Is Not Receiving Emails on Android Device?

Yahoo Mail streamlines the emailing experience for users. However, issues like Yahoo Mail not sending or receiving emails can arise anytime. But you can fix such minor glitches by yourself. Continue reading this piece of content to know why your Yahoo is not receiving emails and what you can do to fix it.

Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

There can be a number of reasons why your Yahoo is not receiving emails. Here we have listed all those major reasons and how you can resolve them quickly.

Slow or No Internet Connection

Yahoo Mail won’t receive emails if there is slow or no internet connection. So, check your internet connectivity. If there is an internet issue, contact your Internet Service Provider immediately to fix the problem.

Incorrect Email Filter Settings

Wrong email filter settings can also block your emails from reaching your inbox. Thus, if you have set any filter settings, remove them. After removing the filter settings, check if your Yahoo Mail is not receiving the emails.

Outdated Operating System

Your Yahoo Mail app may not function properly if your Android device is running on an outdated operating system. So, check if there is any pending update for your device. Update your operating system right away, if needed.

Outdated Yahoo Mail App

Along with the operating system, your Yahoo Mail app should also be updated to the latest version. Go to the Google Playstore on your Android device and update your Yahoo Mail app. However, you may encounter Yahoo Mail not updating on Android issues if your device is running out of storage space. So, make sure there is sufficient storage space on your Android device.

Hopefully, now you know why your Yahoo is not receiving emails and how you can fix it. For any other query, you can reach out to Yahoo Mail customer support service.

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