How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Updating on Android Issue?

It is necessary to update your Yahoo Mail app periodically for its efficient functioning and to get more advanced features. However, Yahoo users often complain about Yahoo Mail not updating on Android issues. If you are too dealing with this problem currently, we have compiled some effective troubleshooting ways to fix the error.

Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Updating Problem

If your Yahoo is not receiving emails, it indicates that your Yahoo Mail app needs to be updated. But what if you go to the Play Store to update your app and suddenly Yahoo Mail not updating on Android issue arises. Here are the steps that you should take immediately to resolve the problem.

Check Internet Connection

Yahoo Mail needs a stable internet connection to function and update. So, if you are unable to update your Yahoo Mail app, you should first check your internet connection. Fix your internet problem, if any, with the help of your Internet Service Provider.

Update Operating System

Your Yahoo Mail app is unlikely to update the operating system of your device is outdated. Thus, make sure you are using the updated operating system. If not, update it immediately and check if the issue is resolved now.

Clear Device Storage

Along with strong internet connectivity, the Yahoo Mail app also needs storage space to update. Yahoo Mail app will not update if your device is running out of storage space. So, clear your device storage to make space for your updated Yahoo Mail app by deleting unnecessary data files and apps.

Sync Yahoo Mail

Have you enabled the sync option for your Yahoo Mail app? If your Yahoo is not receiving emails or is not updating on your device, syncing issues can be responsible for it. So, check and ensure your Yahoo Mail is properly synced with your Android device.

So, fix your Yahoo Mail not updating on Android error with the steps mentioned above. However, if nothing works, you are free to call Yahoo Mail customer support service to get an instant solution.

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