Resolve AOL Not Receiving Emails Issue with Simple Steps

AOL is a wing of Verizon communications that provides free webmail platform. However, AOL not receiving emails is a common issue that users encounter. We understand how frustrating it is when your AOL email stops receiving emails. Your work may get stuck because of this error. But you don’t need to worry anymore! Here we will walk you through some simple steps that can fix your AOL not receiving emails problem.

Know the Simple Troubleshooting Steps

There can be several reasons why your AOL email is not receiving emails. But here are some simple troubleshooting ways to fix your problem.

  1. Check Your Spam, and Trash Bin: Your AOL email bot system may mark your email as spam and send it to the Spam folder. So, if you cannot find your email in the inbox, the first place to look for it is the Spam folder. Also, check the deleted emails in the Trash folder if you cannot find your email in the Spam folder. Probably you deleted the email accidentally. You can recover your deleted emails within seven days.
  2. Verify the Filters: Setting filters may organize your AOL email account, but it can also create a problem by automatically sending your email to another folder. So, remove your filters if you think it is causing the issue by sending your important emails to the wrong folder.
  3. Call your Sender: The problem can also be at the sender’s end. If your AOL email account is not receiving emails, call the sender right away. Ask the sender if the email address in the ‘To’ field is entered correctly. Also, ensure if your sender has received any email delivery error message. If yes, then ask the sender to re-send it.
  4. Ensure Stable Internet Connection: Your AOL email will not receive or load new emails if you have a poor internet connection. So, check your Wi-Fi or cellular data and ensure they are working fine with a strong network.

Follow these simple steps and fix your AOL email not receiving issue. However, if you are dealing with other issues like AOL email login problems, you can either try resetting your password or call AOL customer support service.

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